giovedì 13 luglio 2017

THE BAGS - "ALL BAGGED UP": Collected Works 1977-1980 (full album streaming)

Seminal and influential band coming out of the first wave of punk in Los Angeles. It falls for sure into my favorites of all time.
I dedicate this body of work to the greatly inspiring Alice Bag. Her ideas and feminism mean a lot to me.
1. Survive
2. Babylonian Gorgon
3. We Don't Need The English
4. We Will Bury You
5. Tv Dinner
6. Violent Girl
7. Animal Call
8. Chainsaw
9. Seven & Seven is (Love)
10. One, Two, Three..
11. Gluttony
12. In Love With Romance
13. Survive #2
14. Car Hell
15. Real Emotions
16. Bad Bondage
17. Disco's Dead
18. Prowlers In The Night
19. We Will Bury You #2
20. Nothing's Going On Here

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